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  • We need these nonpolitical pressure groups with solid agenda to put pressure on any government and more so as a vigilante in times of BJP rule because they can do more damage than Congress to the Hindu cause

    • U r wrong if RSS and bjp is not supported Hindus by this time in the rule of Italian bar attender and her son would have been converted maximum Hindus to Christianity that is the reason bar attender is staying in our country

      • NOBODY said we should NOT support BJP/RSS. Just because we support them and vote them does not mean we cannot put forward rightful demands. As a matter of fact they should feel obligated to respond to such reasonable demands.

  • I had seen many people are writing many things but end I want to tell everyone one thing born as Hindu family brought up in Brahmin community think as Hindu save our community and religion and Temple’s to protect our Deep roots of our culture.

  • सब के लिए कानून समान हो। किसी धर्म पर कोई लगाम नही, हिन्दू के लिए कानून ही कानून। भारत जैसे देश मे ही सम्भव है यह। हिन्दू ओर हिन्दू धर्म के साथ यह भेदभाव बन्द होना चाहिए।
    सरकार और न्यायपालिका दोनों को यह सोचना चाहिए कि जैसे इस देश मे बाकी धर्म और उन धर्मों को मानने वाले लोगों की भावनाएं है उसी प्रकार यह देश हिन्दू ओर हिन्दू धर्म का भी है। अतः दोनों स्तरों पर यह भेदभाव बन्द होना चाहिए

  • It seems that Congress is likely to file a review petition in SC regarding Sabarimalai temple verdict.This means that the party may support any move by the government to restore the tradition of Sabarimalai Sri Ayyappan temple.Some other parties may also extend support.Therefore NDA should utilize the opportunity to take necessary legal/constitutional steps to heal the wounds in the minds of the devout Hindus particularly the devotees of Sri Ayyappan.

  • A coward Impotent Spineless BJP govt wont do any of these demands.We have to bring in a Strong Aggressive Govt at centre to make it possible.When a BJP MP Dr.Satyapal Singh IPS presented this Private members Bill this coward impotent govt did not supported the bill and failed to get is passed in Lokasabha.THIS Govt will face severe defeat for breaking Hindus into upper caste lower caste and escalated attack on Hindus by Muslims

  • Add in charter teach bhagwatgita,ramayan,goseva in schools

    Ban nude,valgurism in media,films,internet

    Ban skirts,valentines day in school

    Ban liquors, non veg,tobacco, non organic farming

  • Please provide the documents in all major indian languages. It needs to reach all levels of our community.

  • यह हिन्दू धर्मनक देश है।अतः इसपर एकमात्र हिंदुओं का अधिकार होना चाहिए।देश का संविधान कानून केवल हिंदुओं को ही प्रताड़ित करता है।मैं तो कहता हूँ कि संविधान में कई बेकार घटिया पुराने नियम कानून हैं जिनका खत्म होना अति आवश्यक है।
    मैं इस मुहिम में साथ हूँ।सारे हिन्दू देशभक्त केवल ऑनलाइन ही नहीं सच मे एक साथ हो जाओ अगर अपना वजूद एवं अपने बच्चों का भविष्य इस देश मे बनाये रखना चाहते हो तो।
    जय श्रीराम
    जय हिंद।

  • My comments on 28 Oct 2018 in CHARTER IF HINDU COMMANDS:
    MY HUMBLE SUGGESTIONS, without dampening the enthusiastic spirit in which you are all endeavouring to revive our SANATAN [Hindu] DHARMA and to re-inculcate genuine PATRIOTISM. Your tasks are indeed daunting considering the sad fact that, due to ignorance and forgetfulness of our unique, millennia of glorious history as well as centuries of our inglorious history THE IMPORTANCE OF HISTORY CANNOT BE OVER-EMPHASIZED. WE LEARN FROM SUCCESS AND FAILURE. IF WE BURY THE PAST, WE HAVE NO FOUNDATION, WITHOUT WHICH, WE KILL THE FUTURE,
    Trouble is, the EVIL British demon Lord Macaulay, recognize how strongly united Indians were due to our powerful Vedic culture. Such unity, he feared, would mean that the British colonial rule over India would not last long. So he outlawed vedic studies and introduced everything western into our educational, cultural, religious, social and political spheres, thus successfully BREAKING INDIA’S BACKBONE. With their Divide-and-Rule policy, they further ruined India.
    It’s not an exaggeration to say that too many Indians are ashamed of their Indian-ness and their Hindutvam. They even condemn our scriptures as MYTHology, and our Deities as IDOLS. The English media and Bollywood destroying India. Immorality is glorified. sex crimes escalate…
    Even our popular Dr Subramanian Swamy, a brilliant all-rounder in politics, law and economics, is ignorant when he brags about religious conversions worldwide. Quoting statistics, he says that several non-Muslim nations, when invaded by Muslims, have become 100% Muslim within 15 to 21 years, and in the West, Christian invaders were able to convert most of Europe 100% within 50 years. But Dr Swamy exults when he brags that, despite almost 1000 years of invasion and subjugation of India by Muslims and Christians, “only 20% of Hindus were converted.” — ONLY??? Doesn’t he know that 2% cancer cells in the body will be enough, if nothing is done, to kill anyone, what to talk of 20% !?!?!? While non-Muslims died of Muslim cancer mercifully within only 15 to 21 years, and non-Christians died of Christian cancer mercifully in only 50 years, Hindus are suffering for almost 1000 years suffering a slow, painful death from Muslim-cum-Christian cancer!!! Hindus are depending foolishly on too much of the ineffective drugs called TOLERANCE and SECULARISM. … What a joke!

    REMEDY No 1:-
    The calamitous damage Macaulay, and now, these shameless pro western cultured Indians have done to India, is irreversible by the efforts of the few right-minded patriotic and religious Indians because, even if they garner lots of support to petition the Government for reform, any political party running the Govt, will want to appear secular and tolerant in order to protect the vote bank. Thus reform of the mindset of both Govt and people – with their “chalega” attitude – becomes well-nigh impossible. Knee-jerk aggressive demands by a vociferous few may only result in more chaos.
    Our 69-yr-old, real current intelligent patriotic Sanatan Dharma protagonist hero of India named RAJIV MALHOTRA, has the right approach. Having seen aggressive methods fail due to the futility of changing the conditioned minds of the older influential as well as lay people in general, he is therefore speaking to the younger intelligent generation of Indians through countless lectures and videos and his own books, “Breaking India” being his first. His website is “INFINITY FOUNDATION”.
    So, my dear fellow pro-Hindu friends, rather than trying to agitate and radicalize people into your ways of writing rather intimidating papers like the “CHARTER OF HINDU DEMANDS” to any ruling government, it is my sincere and humble prayer and hope that you befriend and support RAJIV MALHOTRA and seek his advice and support in your ultimate cause which is in concert with his too. RAJIV’S PROCESS MAY BE SLOW, BUT STEADY, HENCE LASTING.

    REMEDY No 2
    I mentioned the vital importance of HISTORY. The world is full of incredible wonders in the form of thousands of very ancient relics. Many are so mysterious that no human being could have built them, except our “Hindu” Gods and Their empowered Devatas, like Visvakarma. No scientist on earth can explain the intricacies, except to speculate, and still make no sense. Most of the old old mind-blowing temples and buildings are found in India. Even though the nasty Muslim invaders have destroyed hundreds of thousands of them, there are still many, many remaining, not only within India but also in our neighbouring countries like Vietnam,Japan, Indonesia, the Middle East, etc, and more.
    I mention this because, by knowing how highly civilized India had “always” been from “time immemorial” or “eternally” – that’s the meaning of “SANATANA” – we can then feel re-connected with India and her eternal Hindutvam, That was the backbone which the demonic British broke. So now it’s time to heal ourselves, not only with RAJIV MALHOTRA’s association and methodology, but also by following another great young enthusiastic ancient relics/ buildings/temples researcher-cum-investigator named PRAVEEN MOHAN. He is a tireless Hindu Indian who travels all over India and the world, making videos and presenting them to us through those astonishing videos you can find in his website called “PHENOMENAL TRAVELS”.
    REMEDY No 3 [more important than Nos 1 and 2]
    We are in Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of Quarrel and Hypocrisy. This atrocious age began 5,000 years ago when Sri Krishna Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, left His beautiful pastimes in this material planet and returned to His Spiritual Abode, Goloka, after giving us His most important teachings in the BHAGAVAD GITA.
    But due to the destructive effects of this Kaliyuga, people got spoilt with bad habits like gambling, intoxication, animal slaughter, meat eating and illicit sex, and hence soon forgot Krishna and His divine teachings in the Gita. Consequently, He could see that they [His children] were suffering from their sins. So He decided to Descend again to this planet 532 years ago to help us revive our natural Krishna Consciousness. But this time He descended in the form of His own Devotee named Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, so that He can DEMONSTRATE how to be a true Devotee of Krishna.
    Also, knowing that there are too many obstacles and distractions in Kaliyuga on the path o Krishna Consciousness, He made it easy for EVERYONE to worship Krishna, siis no other way, no other way, no otheer watmply by CHANTING and DANCING to the vibrations of KRISHNA’S HOLY NAMES in the MAHA MANTRA:-
    and be HAPPY. for, in Kaliyuga, this constant Hari nama sankirtan is Mahaprabhu’s best and only recommended way to achieve Krishna Prema or Bhakti. He emphaizes that there is no other way, no other way, no other way.
    H A R I B O L !!!
    I hope to get your favourable response.
    your caring 83-yr-old well-wisher,
    Sathya Senan
    website: http://gravatar.com/gourgovindsevak2013
    28 Oct 2018.

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