21 Thoughts on “Charter of Hindu Demands [Full Document]”

  • We need these nonpolitical pressure groups with solid agenda to put pressure on any government and more so as a vigilante in times of BJP rule because they can do more damage than Congress to the Hindu cause

    • U r wrong if RSS and bjp is not supported Hindus by this time in the rule of Italian bar attender and her son would have been converted maximum Hindus to Christianity that is the reason bar attender is staying in our country

      • NOBODY said we should NOT support BJP/RSS. Just because we support them and vote them does not mean we cannot put forward rightful demands. As a matter of fact they should feel obligated to respond to such reasonable demands.

  • I had seen many people are writing many things but end I want to tell everyone one thing born as Hindu family brought up in Brahmin community think as Hindu save our community and religion and Temple’s to protect our Deep roots of our culture.

  • सब के लिए कानून समान हो। किसी धर्म पर कोई लगाम नही, हिन्दू के लिए कानून ही कानून। भारत जैसे देश मे ही सम्भव है यह। हिन्दू ओर हिन्दू धर्म के साथ यह भेदभाव बन्द होना चाहिए।
    सरकार और न्यायपालिका दोनों को यह सोचना चाहिए कि जैसे इस देश मे बाकी धर्म और उन धर्मों को मानने वाले लोगों की भावनाएं है उसी प्रकार यह देश हिन्दू ओर हिन्दू धर्म का भी है। अतः दोनों स्तरों पर यह भेदभाव बन्द होना चाहिए

  • It seems that Congress is likely to file a review petition in SC regarding Sabarimalai temple verdict.This means that the party may support any move by the government to restore the tradition of Sabarimalai Sri Ayyappan temple.Some other parties may also extend support.Therefore NDA should utilize the opportunity to take necessary legal/constitutional steps to heal the wounds in the minds of the devout Hindus particularly the devotees of Sri Ayyappan.

  • A coward Impotent Spineless BJP govt wont do any of these demands.We have to bring in a Strong Aggressive Govt at centre to make it possible.When a BJP MP Dr.Satyapal Singh IPS presented this Private members Bill this coward impotent govt did not supported the bill and failed to get is passed in Lokasabha.THIS Govt will face severe defeat for breaking Hindus into upper caste lower caste and escalated attack on Hindus by Muslims

  • Add in charter teach bhagwatgita,ramayan,goseva in schools

    Ban nude,valgurism in media,films,internet

    Ban skirts,valentines day in school

    Ban liquors, non veg,tobacco, non organic farming

  • Please provide the documents in all major indian languages. It needs to reach all levels of our community.

  • यह हिन्दू धर्मनक देश है।अतः इसपर एकमात्र हिंदुओं का अधिकार होना चाहिए।देश का संविधान कानून केवल हिंदुओं को ही प्रताड़ित करता है।मैं तो कहता हूँ कि संविधान में कई बेकार घटिया पुराने नियम कानून हैं जिनका खत्म होना अति आवश्यक है।
    मैं इस मुहिम में साथ हूँ।सारे हिन्दू देशभक्त केवल ऑनलाइन ही नहीं सच मे एक साथ हो जाओ अगर अपना वजूद एवं अपने बच्चों का भविष्य इस देश मे बनाये रखना चाहते हो तो।
    जय श्रीराम
    जय हिंद।

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